“I like your pen,” the sweet employee behind the counter at the travel shop said, gesturing to the pen tucked behind my ear.

I smiled. “Thanks. Just a pen, but I use it often.”

“I know,” they said. “I figured it wasn’t magic or nuthin’,” they said with a smile of explanation.

That got me thinking. Magic.

I placed my order—fast food chicken wrap, with bar-b-q sauce, please—and took a seat. I grabbed one of my business cards from my pocket and the pen from behind my ear. I paused for a moment to consider the message.


“My name is,” I wrote above the name on my card. “I’m on Facebook. =)”

Then I flipped the card over and on its back, wrote: “The word ‘spelling’ contains the word ‘spell.’ The Egyptians believed that there was magic in words, that to write a thing was to invoke the magic in its spelling.”

“Number 18,” the sweet employee called out from behind the counter.

I looked up and walked over to the counter. “Thank you.” I said, picking up my order. “This is for you.” I handed off the card, turned, and left.


(This was originally published on my other blog.)