When [Social Justice] people talk about privilege, the thing they’re intentionally overlooking is that said nicer treatment [imparted by one’s privilege] is contingent on supporting the status quo. It’s not something you irrevocably have because you’re male, white, straight, or whatever. It’s something you only have as long as you’re letting society tell you what to believe and do. Go against it, and you’ll find out fast who’s serving who.

cool-yubari paraphrasing an excerpt of CQ‘s post, “Why I don’t call myself ‘dominant’ anymore,” part of a series of posts exploring rolequeerness.

In other words, wanna find some “allies” who aren’t in this fight because they’re getting cookies, but because they’re fighting for their own goddamned survival? Find people who the social justice cool kid bullies constantly read as “white, straight, male, etc.” and treat very badly, and who don’t give two shits about being your frakking “ally.”

I’ll be right here.Still.