Thank you, Universe.

So I’m driving a lot these days, hopping from one community seed library to another, helping them use the WP-SeedBank software I wrote. (I’ve visited three, in three different US States, in the past week!) This means I have a car. This means I have to pay for (cheap) car insurance. And gas. And this means I’m skimping on the good peanut butter in favor of the cheap, shitty, sugar-infused, peanut butter at the grocery store. Also, y’know, just eating a little less. ‘Cause capitalism.

I’m doing that because my donations, while still helpful, just don’t cover all my car expenses when I drive that much.

So I begin to worry about money. And that feels stressful. And I hate it.

I get to another city (Boise, Idaho, in this case), and I park. And I feed the meter. And I move the car. And I feed the meter. And this is also stressful. So I begin to worry about money. And I hate it.

Then I meet with another person who runs a seed library. “There’s free parking ’round back,” she tells me, after I check the time and apologize for doing so during our conversation because, y’know, I gotta feed the meter.

We wrap up our chat and my alarm goes off. Time to feed the meter. Augh. Fuck this. Fuck money. Fuck having to pay capitalism tokens just to fucking exist.

So I move the car ’round back. I park. I open the driver’s door. I look down at the floor. And I see this:

$80 USD with a handwritten note that says, "Thank you. Please keep it all. Thanks."

Four twenty dollar bills are on the snow- and slush-covered ground. A handwritten note is stuck on the bills, on a blue sticky note with the glint of lead pencil. It reads:

Thank you. Please keep it all. Thanks.

I look around. No one’s nearby. I look around again, into windows and up to the line of the building’s roof. No one’s nearby. I don’t even see a camera.

I smile, and I pocket the cash.

Thank you, Universe. This doesn’t even cover my gas costs for the past two weeks, but it’s nice. So, thank you.