Keep a running backup of your Tumblr reblogs with Tumblr Crosspostr

I’ve just released a new major feature for Tumblr Crosspostr: “Sync posts from Tumblr.”

Version 0.7

  • Feature: “Sync posts from Tumblr” will import posts you create on your Tumblr blog(s) into your WordPress blog, along with their metadata such as tags, post types/formats, and content sources. This is useful for creating an automatic backup of the conversations you have in reblog threads on Tumblr.
    • When first activated, your entire Tumblr archive will be copied (including private posts).
    • Once every 24 hours, Tumblr Crosspostr will fetch up to the most recent 100 posts on your Tumblr blog to see if you have reblogged anything on Tumblr. If you have, Tumblr Crosspostr will import those posts to your WordPress blog.
    • Posts you created on Tumblr using Tumblr Crosspostr will not be duplicated.
    • Once imported to WordPress, edits you make on Tumblr are not retrieved, but edits you make on WordPress are sent back to Tumblr, so prefer using WordPress to edit and update your imported posts.
    • This feature is experimental. Please make sure you have a backup of your WordPress website before you enable sync’ing from Tumblr.

I built this because I use Tumblr a lot but hate the fact that they don’t make backing up my content easy. When I enable syncing in Tumblr Crosspostr, my WordPress blog becomes a running backup of my Tumblr blog. And because it’s automatic, I can just set it and forget it.

Happy reblogging-while-owning-your-own-data, everyone.

Also, for those of you who use, I wrote an equivalent plugin for that service called WP-Crosspost, and it does this kind of auto-importing, too.

3 replies on “Keep a running backup of your Tumblr reblogs with Tumblr Crosspostr”

  1. Is this feature automatic? How does one ” first activate” it, so it grabs the entire tumblr archive? ^_^

    Also, is there a way to stop it from importing fullsize images as its messing up my layout? make them display only a certain size etc?

    Thank you

  2. Yes, aeryn, this feature is automatic. You first activate it by enabling snycing in the plugin’s settings screen, with all the other options. When you do that, the plugin knows it doesn’t have your Tumblr archive in your WordPress blog so it goes to get everything.

    No, you can’t tell the software which size of an image to import, but you can modify your stylesheet to ensure that images in your posts do not break your layout. For instance, in your theme’s style.css something like this might do:

    .hentry img { max-width: 100%; }

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks, super handy ^_^

    I activated the plugin earlier today, but it’s only backed up 3 pages worth of tumblr posts (trust me I have more than that!) XD

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