Next time, why can't we just spring forward an hour on a Friday afternoon instead?

The meme says, “Next time, why can’t we just spring forward an hour on a Friday afternoon instead?” and shows a bunch of people at what appears to be a business meeting. The implication being, of course, it sucks that we lost an hour of our weekend and it would be so much better to just skip an hour in the middle of a work day.

Here’s the thing.

A lot of the people who shared and “Liked” this on Facebook are also people who I’ve had contentious disagreements with about things like the value and nature of jobs in society. Many of the people who shared and “Liked” this seem to think jobs are generally a good idea, that having one is important and makes one a better, more productive member of society, not to mention that job markets in general are a productive way of organizing human creativity and labor. (They’re obviously wrong, of course.) Spending 40 to 60 or more hours of their time every week in exchange for currency tokens doesn’t even sound weird to them, it’s something they actively pursue in the form of “careers” and whatnot.

But, like, if so many of those folks are upset about losing an hour of their weekend, why aren’t they upset about losing the majority of their waking lives to social institutions like school and jobs wherein they’re forced to be places they probably wouldn’t choose to be if they weren’t threatened with losing access to having their basic human needs met, like food and shelter, if they refused to go?

And then they share stuff like this on Facebook and they think that makes them some kind of, I dunno, “progressive”? Newsflash: the 99% are what make that 1% possible. If you 99%’ers would actually stake out a radical position against direct or indirect forced labor (also known as “jobs”), then you would have a lot more than just a weekend. You’d have the rest of your life back.

And y’all are probably still gonna go to your jobs tomorrow. Most of you won’t even think twice about it. And you wonder how the 1% “gets away with it”? Look in the mirror, kiddo.

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