“we artificially withhold food from them in order to motivate them to work”

Yes, there’s hungry people in the world, and there’s hungry people in America. It’s not for lack of food. We throw away half the food we produce. We throw away stuff that doesn’t look good enough to sit on the shelf. It just gets tossed. There’s no shortage of food. People who are hungry, they’re […]

Get on your knees and thank the Silicon Valley elites for your chance to serve them.

In his article, “The Sharing Economy Isn’t About Trust, It’s About Desperation,” Kevin Roose highlights some tragic facts about what Silicon Valley touts as their latest and greatest so-called innovation: A huge precondition for the sharing economy has been a depressed labor market, in which lots of people are trying to fill holes in their […]

Predator Alert Tool conversation at Coder Day of Service

A few months ago, a Predator Alert Tool co-creator and I got to speak with participants at a hackathon for social good. They were inspired by the Predator Alert Tool suite and wanted to build something on it, or similar to it. Mostly, they wanted to get up to speed with background information as quickly […]

Spain’s “Robin Hood” faces prison time for funding anti-capitalist social movements

In Spain, little-known hero faces prison time for funding anti-capitalist social movements: From 2006 to 2008, Duran took out 68 commercial and personal loans from 39 banks in Spain. He farmed the money out to social activists, funding speaking tours against capitalism and TV cameras for a media network. “I saw that on one side, […]

David Graeber on death by bureaucracy: “If we had a basic income, we wouldn’t need to decide who needs food and who doesn’t.”

Who are all these people — and this goes for private bureaucracies as well as public ones — sitting around watching you, telling you what your work is worth, what you’re worth, basically employing thousands of people to make us feel bad about ourselves. Just get rid of those people; just give everybody some money, […]

So, you work for The Borg, do you? An anecdote of adiophora in Silicon Valley.

At a recent party in Silicon Valley, I met a dude who worked for Palantir and was baking a pie. He said he loved his job. And he loved baking pies. “Oh, you have it all wrong,” he told me in between glances at the oven. “We don’t make surveillance equipment. We just make the […]

Almost every problem that can be solved with money can be solved better by building a relationship. And that’s win/win because, in the end, if you solve the problem with money, then you end up with a solved problem and fewer resources (less money). But if you solve it by building a relationship, then what […]

Economic wealth is a system of ruling cliques optimized for justifying behaviors that alienate people

This is a graph showing the wealth distribution segmented by social network interactions in a massively multiplayer game called Pardus. It comes from an interesting paper titled Behavioral and Network Origins of Wealth Inequality: Insights from a Virtual World, by Benedikt Fuchs and Stefan Thurner. I think a number of their findings seem to support […]

Thanaticism: gleefully enthusiastic suicidal capitalism

I don’t know why we still call it capitalism. […] That seems like a handy word. Thanaticism: like a fanaticism, a gleeful, overly enthusiastic will to death. The slight echo of Thatcherism is useful also. Thanaticism: a social order which subordinates the production of use values to the production of exchange value, to the point […]