User interface preview of Predator Alert Tool for Twitter: it’s like “fuck you” but with more JavaScript

As some of you may already be aware, I’ve been working on the next Predator Alert Tool project. This time, it’s for Twitter.

Annoted screenshot of initial Predator Alert Tool for Twitter prototype user interface.

Predator Alert Tool for Twitter is the first fully decentralized (unhosted), yet still peer-to-peer capable Predator Alert Tool. Like the other PATs, it will be 100% free to use forever and the source code will be placed into the public domain (once I’m ready to release the initial version). Here are some of the core features visible on this one screenshot:

  • The Predator Alert Tool for Twitter integrates cleanly into Twitter’s own Web interface. No separate app to use. Once installed, just use as you normally would.
  • You gain two new types of lists in addition to regular Twitter Lists: a “Twitter Blocklist” and any number of “warnlists.”
    • Your Twitter Blocklist shows you all of the Twitter users you’ve blocked in one place.
    • Your warnlists are where you publish your “Predator Alerts” and where you subscribe to Predator Alerts from others. If a tweet shows in any of your timelines from a user who is on a warnlist you’ve subscribed to, their tweet gets “redboxed.” In infamous Predator Alert Tool style, click through to that user’s profile to read details of each alert published about that user.
  • Unlike regular Twitter Lists, Twitter users can not remove themselves from Predator Alert Tool warnlists that you add them to, and taking a page from Predator Alert Tool for Facebook‘s book, you can add users you have blocked or users who have blocked you to warnlists that you make.
  • Subscribe to alerts from sources you trust. You always have the final say; as a fully decentralized system, unlike the Block Bot, this system offers no ability for others to moderate what you publish and thus it has a vastly reduced vulnerability to corruption by social cliques and their inevitable groupthink.

TL;DR? It’s like saying “fuck you” but with more JavaScript.

There’s more to show off but ultimately this isn’t ready to go live yet, so I’ll leave it at that.

This tool is by far the most technologically interesting Predator Alert Tool I’ve written so far. (The others were socioculturally fascinating but technologically boring.) That also means it’s coming along relatively slowly, because I have to rethink and relearn what I think I know about computer programming. Meanwhile, I also have to do things like sleep and eat.

If you like this idea, please spread the word; I have no interest in ownership. Mimesis matters more than attribution. So if you think you can implement a system like this better or faster than I can, what the fuck are you doing reading this instead of implementing it?

But if you’d rather support me in continuing to work on this myself, please remember that I am currently homeless and your donations of stuff like food REALLY matter. Turns out writing code burns calories. My government told me they don’t think I deserve to eat. What do you think?