HowTo: Make an archival copy of every page, image, video, and audio file on an entire website using wget

I recently announced that my blog archives will no longer be publicly available for long: Let me repeat that: while I am still “on Tumblr” and so on for now, my archives will not remain available for very long. If you find something of mine useful, you will need to make a copy of it […]

Diasposter is a WordPress-to-Diaspora crossposting plugin that looks so natural no one knows that you aren’t just posting from D*

I’ve written a new WordPress plugin called Diasposter that has some additional features which go beyond most other WordPress-to-Diaspora crossposting plugins. With Diasposter, you can: choose an aspect to share with, retract (remove) posts from Diaspora when they are deleted from your WordPress blog completely customize or omit the footer of your Diaspora post crosspost […]

The mystery of the disappearing horizontal scrollbar

A classic exchange from the WordPress Support Forum for one of my plugins: Them: Hi, When I first installed this plugin, there was an automatic horizontal scrollbar so that users could move to see all of the columns. However, it has now disappeared which means one of the columns is not fully readable. Can you […]