“centering the needs of survivors and the safety of vulnerable people in the way that we build the infrastructure of the Internet is possible”

Over the Winter of 2014, the core Predator Alert Tool developers were interviewed for Medium.com’s Backchannel, an online outlet geared towards Silicon Valley insiders. As the maintainer and one of the two primary developers of the Predator Alert Tool project, I was contacted by Caleb Garling, Medium’s writer, about the piece and asked for input. […]

How to bypass Mac OS X’s Gatekepeer and run arbitrary programs as a non-admin user

Gatekeeper is Apple’s name for a feature in Mac OS X that prevents a user from opening certain programs based on a few different security preferences. (Under the hood, it’s actually part of Mac OS X’s security assessment policy subsystem, which you can manipulate from the command line with the spctl command if you have […]

WP-SeedBank mentioned in Spring 2015 issue of Edible Columbus magazine

I was pleased to see some of my work mentioned in this season’s issue of Edible Columbus magazine (flip to page 23 of the magazine): Q: How does your online seed exchange work? A: In addition to the seed bank, we have an online seed exchange. It’s like a Craigslist for seeds. Members simply sign […]