WP-SeedBank mentioned in Spring 2015 issue of Edible Columbus magazine

I was pleased to see some of my work mentioned in this season’s issue of Edible Columbus magazine (flip to page 23 of the magazine):

Q: How does your online seed exchange work?

A: In addition to the seed bank, we have an online seed exchange. It’s like a Craigslist for seeds. Members simply sign up (for free) and swap with the other 264 members. In designing the website, we worked with ‘cyber hacktivist,’ Meitar Moscovitz, to create an open-source WordPress plug-in that’s now available for free to other seed exchanges and has been downloaded 704 times worldwide.

As always, congrats to Marilyn and Chris for their continued success with the Cleveland Seed Bank. If you are part of a seed saver’s alliance, the free software powering the Cleveland Seed Bank is available to you at no charge, as well. Improvements and suggestions to the software are welcome, too, as are multilingual translations.