Interviewer: I’d like to detour just a little bit[. A]s someone who’s gone from, y’know, the consulting world, or the for-profit world, and is doing real good things now[, …] what made you make that shift in your life and what you were doing?

Maymay: I started by doing good stuff that wasn’t for profit, when I was a kid. The detour was the for-profit, corporate stuff, as I think is the case for most people. And I think a lot of people simply get derailed on what they were already doing as young people and youth and children, which was good and helpful for their community and their family, [they get derailed] by things like school and jobs, and then they can’t ever seem to find the—like, they think a career or something is a path back, but they get stuck in the rat race. But that’s the detour for most people. That’s not where people start. That’s not where I started.