Relapse: Unnecessary Turmoil

Exhausted by hours of crying together with Danica, and worn down by her continuous begging to reconsider ending the relationship, the rest of the day is spent in unnecessary turmoil after we have sex. Most of this entry is taken from an email I sent out when I awoke in the middle of the night after she had gone.

Indoor Fog

It has been happening all day; an unshakable feeling of fogginess, lack of conecntration, the inability to to clear my head or focus my eyesight. Everything seems unsteady, shaky, vulnerable to some form of toxic gas or radioactivity that would permeate everything. Dread, heavyness, and confusion have been the only certain things today. And I […]

Address Book Full of Empty Web Pages

Safari is still my main browser on the Mac. It has this feature which integrates it into Apple’s Address Book and provides a drop down list of all your contacts whom you have specified Web pages for. Well, there are very few people in my address book without web pages of some kind. Most of […]