Too many tears: My first morning back in NYC

A few minutes ago I awoke in a friend’s bed in their apartment in Harlem. I wanted to do nothing but stay there and not get up. I feel like there is too much to take care of, way too much to handle. My flight from Sydney to New York City was less than good, […]

Insomnia of the worst kind

Tonight’s my first of a little over a week’s worth of nights alone. When this ends, I’ll be on the other side of the planet. I’ve turned out the lights maybe four times already, trying to get ready for bed, but my body just won’t shut down despite its utter exhaustion. I really hate this […]

Thoughts on happiness and relationships and mental health

I suppose it is not surprising that just after the turn of the new year on all of our calendars, everyone and everything is seemingly reflecting on measurements of their own happiness and satisfaction. I just took a little Happiness Formula test and the result I got is unsurprising: Slightly below average in life satisfaction […]