Tuesday’s Bedtime Bantering

RSS Reorganization I need to rethink how I’ve organized my newsfeeds. There are some categories which I feel like I’m constantly un-bolding. Thing is, some of those items are ones I like to read, but they’re right next to the ones I don’t really want to see, despite being in the same logical category. Thus, […]

I Think I Have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

I think I have DSPS, or Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. I always thought it was insomnia, but now I’m not really sure anymore. With insomnia, you’re tired but you can’t really sleep for some reason. You want to sleep, but can’t. With DSPS, you’re just not tired and so the thought of sleep never really […]

Address Book Full of Empty Web Pages

Safari is still my main browser on the Mac. It has this feature which integrates it into Apple’s Address Book and provides a drop down list of all your contacts whom you have specified Web pages for. Well, there are very few people in my address book without web pages of some kind. Most of […]