Thoughts on Medicine Cocktails and Quality of Life

I was lucky; my first prescriptions for treating bipolar disorder was a mix of Depakote and Zyprexa (whose clinical name is actually Olanzapine, but is marketed in a variety of different ways). That didn’t work for me. I gained over 60 pounds in 60 days, and ended up ballooning from 110 pounds to 177 pounds […]


I went to my father’s tonight after having an argument (of sorts) with Danica. While there, I wanted to show him how VNC works. He didn’t quite believe the screenshot I put here. That’s understandable, really, because for the uninitiated VNC in action is one of those things you have to see to believe. Anyway, […]


Bah. I’m feeling disgustingly useless and broke. Of course, I am broke, so that makes sense. I wish I had a better grasp of expressing feelings and emotions. It appears that understanding them, controlling them, dealing with them for myself…well, it’s an entirely different matter than writing about them. Perhaps I should just remember not […]