Productivity: It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it, and twentysomethings do it better

I don’t believe I have ever before posted an entry that, for all intents and purposes, is just a link to another blog post. However, this blog post is simply so brilliant and yet so short and easily-digestable, that I have nothing more to say. Thus: Twentysomething: 7 Reasons Why My Generation Is More Productive […]

A web developer’s introduction to the Apple WikiServer (part 1)

I absolutely love wikis, so when Apple introduced Mac OS X Server 10.5 “Leopard,” one of the new features I was really excited about was “WikiServer” (what the Apple marketing department calls “Teams”). I’m calling this specifically the Apple WikiServer in order to avoid confusion with the pre-existing wiki plus web server package called WikiServer. Apple […]

Wikipedia showcases the value of simple

Simplicity is a challenging goal for virtually every task you (or I) may have. Why is it a goal at all? Successfully reducing the presentation of complicated tasks into simple components is a goal because it is typically a required part for the success of the task. Possibly the best example of this phenomenon in […]

Why isn’t skill development a primary focus for employers?

There is always a ton of discussion about the business of programming by programmers and project managers alike. Of course, there are always (at least) two sides of this coin: the programmer and the client. For employed developers (such as myself), the client is typically also the employer, and this creates a situation that is […]

I’m ahead of my time (again)

This story of air pollution from leaded fuel sources being linked to violent behavior is eerily similar to the Reapers of Joss Whedon’s Serenity. GMail gets IMAP (finally!). I really am not that all different; I’m just ahead of my time. From the article: “Young people aren’t choosing computer science majors because they take technology […]

Why I don’t care about you: An open letter to my employer

It’s lunch time and I’m the only one remaining in the training room. Of course, I’m not training, I’m writing a blog entry. Everyone else went out in a group to Korean food. I like Korean food, so had it not been for the ambivalence about whether or not I want to keep this job […]

Hysterical over work and life

I should preface this with yet another warning that what follows is the incredibly hysterical ranting of an emotionally stressed person and should probably not be taken as anything other than an expression of the emotions currently running through my head. Oh my god! This can not be happening to me. I simply can not […]

Peter’s my boss, and Dilbert’s boss is his boss

I hate working on something without knowing why I’m working on it. I also hate working on something without actually understanding what the desired result is. That’s very, very annoying. It’s also very, very inefficient and ineffective. These past two weeks at work were prime examples of just such an occurance. The fact that these […]