How can I make sure I reach you?

Today I got four voicemails. Mom, at about 11 AM. Dad, some hours later. Brother, early afternoon. Mom again. Some other voicemail I already forgot about. I usually answer my phone, but today it was off and I wasn’t aware of that. The funny thing was that I spent the whole day online. So, if […]

My comment’s not on your site. What’s up?

Sometimes you enter your comment and hit the submit button but your comment doesn’t appear on the site. That’s normal. There is no need to re-post your comment. The most likely reason it didn’t appear immediately is because it’s been held for moderation, awaiting my approval before it is publicly displayed. A comment may be […]

What’s the Proper Spelling of Bipolar Disorder?

The words “bipolar” and “disorder” are just words. Sometimes I capitalize them and sometimes I don’t. I haven’t yet found any definitive text which seems to care, so I don’t really care either. Usually, I won’t capitalize them because that means a little less typing for me. In general, you can consider the following variations […]