The Penniless Recursers’ Survival Guide

As I no longer have access to the private discussion and collaboration spaces hosted by the Recurse Center, published here is one page from their internal Wiki that I authored. It is presented in its original Markdown format. > [[Wiki|Home]] ▸ [[Guides and advice]] ▸ **Penniless Recursers’ Survival Guide** First off, we’re thrilled you’ve chosen […]

Relationship Anarchy is not for fuckboys (or polyamorists)

This is really a great piece. Really great. Real relationship anarchy is political. There’s just no way around it. How could it be otherwise, when it has roots in political anarchism? Relationship anarchy is not about getting your dick wet and looking cool while you do it. It’s not about sounding hipper than all the […]

Look at how little the actual contents/merit of ideas matters to the Tumblr peanut gallery

Humor me for a few short minutes and let’s conduct an experiment. Have a look at these two posts. You don’t have to read them thoroughly if you don’t want to, just scroll through and skim them quickly. In fact, it’s better if you wait to read the two posts too closely until the end. […]

Just say OXI to capitalists: How to understand what’s happening in Greece and why it’s a big fucking deal

Gotta admit, I haven’t been as excited about the result of a vote, of all things, as I am about the Greek referendum rejecting continued austerity through forced imperialist-capitalism. Here’s a brief roundup of articles explaining the situation that I liked, along with my own commentary sprinkled in for good measure. Let’s start with an […]

Predator Alert: Mark Elrick (Albuquerque Police Officer) and Elizabeth Escogne (“Community Support Worker”)

This is a public service alert. Meet Elizabeth Escogne (left) and Mark Elrick (right): Mark Elrick is a cop in the Albuquerque Police Department. Elizabeth Escogne is a “Community Support Worker” employed by AgaveHealth, Inc., an Arizona-based company whose mission to provide “health care to communities within the state of New Mexico” would seem great […]

How Twitter “protects you from abusers” actually protects abusers

If you ever needed more proof that “the Internet is doing ‘report abuse’ wrong because its admins are corrupt,” here is a perfect case study. Today I received the following email from Twitter: Hello, We have received a second complaint from an individual that your account, @maymaym, is in violation of the Twitter Rules (, […]

The danger in saying “maybe we should all agree” is that it yields, necessarily, a certain violence. The will to community is a will to violence. At some point, it has to be, because at some point you have to give up something to join “the community.” —“Introduction to Practical Reasoning and Critical Analysis of […]

A lot of you think religious people are superstitious but you think numbers in a bank account are important and keep you alive?

A lot of you think religious people are superstitious but you think numbers in a bank account are important and keep you alive? John Campbell, metaphorically self-immolating on the Internet in a gorgeous “protest [against] the values you use to determine how you feel about and interact with the world.” (Go read it. I’ll wait.)

Go home Social Justice Warrior, you’re drunk.

I literally LOL’ed at the Social Justice Warrior blog and Tumblr insult generator. I realize it was probably created by, well, oppressive heterosexist dudebros, if only because most people are oppressive and heterosexist and more of the ones who develop programs like this tend to be dudebros. Still, I can’t help but thinking: the obscene […]

Friend: Can I ask kind of an insecure question though? Me: Sure. Friend: Are you going to judge me on the company I keep? Me: Of course. Friend: … Me: Don’t let that stop you from keeping the company you want, though. Friend: Hrm. It’s been a while since I’ve had that kind of challenge. […]