I quit, Because Capitalism

One lazy Saturday morning in New York City not so long ago, I woke up hungry. I knew there was a great little bistro with delicious coffee and a $4 scrambled eggs breakfast special not far from where I was staying, so I figured I’d go eat there. I remembered the place because the last […]

The defendant in the deadly Colorado theater shooting could be given “truth serum” under a court order issued Monday to help determine whether he is insane if he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. Suspect James Holmes could be required to submit to a “narcoanalytic interview” as part of an evaluation to determine if […]

Twitter blocked my account today for no specific reason.

Grrr. Twitter suspended my @maymaym account today for no specific reason. Assuming good faith, I can guess that my much-more recent heavy use of TOR: The Onion Router may have triggered an auto-block, but regardless, this shit is exactly why I fuckin’ hate centralized, corporate-controlled systems. If you want to keep following me, subscribe to […]

“Some people are good in the world,” she wrote to me in the bland, blocky text of my instant messenger window, “even people doing jobs that are super problematic! And! It’s always been true!” I’d just returned from another series of Quantum Leap-like adventures. In my excitement, I briefly shared the story of introducing a […]

Before he shot himself in the head, lead Nirvana singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain wrote hundreds of pages of personal musings in paperback journals. “I’m obsessed with Kurt Cobain,” one of the residents of my host’s house said. “What made him take that heroin, put the shotgun to his head, and pull the trigger? So when I […]

The grimy doors surprise me. Behind me are the bright lights of a few bars, their ostentatious fluorescent signage sparkling against the black of night. The sidewalks are spotless, the grass (unfortunately) mowed, and the lampposts pristine. But these doors are scratched to the point I can’t see through their glass windows clearly. I hear […]

Activism can be as simple as remarking on the unremarkable

“May I join you here?” I asked the group of three people on the second floor of a university coffee shop, by way of starting a conversation. “We’re all doing a Masters’ of Business,” one of the two men said. “What are you studying?” asked the other, who was wearing a red button-down shirt. “I’m […]

“I like your pen,” the sweet employee behind the counter at the travel shop said, gesturing to the pen tucked behind my ear. I smiled. “Thanks. Just a pen, but I use it often.” “I know,” they said. “I figured it wasn’t magic or nuthin’,” they said with a smile of explanation. That got me […]

My tweets on 2010-07-24

"Maymay & 'Free Culture' #Community Building" http://ur1.ca/0tptt Ppl can self-organize for mutual benefit even w/o sharing the same values. # This book's synopsis http://ur1.ca/0tq0u is a great description damning Donna M. Hughes/Gail Dines/Melissa Farley's preposterous "research." # @aagblog @Elodie_T @britisshameless @dangerouslilly #Steampunk #sex #toys You mean like @vniow's steampunk vibrator: http://ur1.ca/0tq2p :) in reply to […]

My tweets on 2010-07-22

What a lovely sentiment! ♺ @mungojelly_more: I try to follow all different kinds of folk. Thx for being different from each other, everyone! # "only way [#immigrant #GLBT couples] can stay together is if they're married," but same-sex #marriage isn't federal law: http://ur1.ca/0t5pq # Bit by #Apple #Mail.app & #Google #GMail "bandwidth limit exceeded" #bug […]