My tweets on 2010-07-20

♺ @katebornstein: "#ProLife" folks say #life begins at conception. That means they MUST also believe life has no #gender Right? #tlot #tcot # @estellevw Screw masturbation. By that logic anti-choice activists also shouldn't menstruate. Think of all the unfertilized eggs. For shame! in reply to estellevw #

My tweets on 2010-07-18

Glad that @helio_girl is at #owc2 with me. Thx to @sarahdopp for the ride, @musingvirtual for organizing us! :) @sanbeiji, find me & say hi! # #OWC2 starts with @mollydotcom polling audience by asking for some personal stories. Interesting tack—sometimes tough to get people talking. # You don't have to "opt-in to brakes" when you […]

My tweets on 2010-07-17

It is a fucking DISGRACE TO AMERICA that #pornographers are more credible than FBI agents, federal prosecutors & judges: # Yay! #Stagliano charges dismissed! To sexual freedom advocates: WE ARE NOT SAFE until #obscenity insanity is laughable. /via @RichardAbowitz # Antiporn activists' wet dream soured as obscenity charges against John "Buttman" Stagliano dismissed […]

My tweets on 2010-07-16

2weeks of "other side" research leaves me short-tempered. How do you purge yourself of such bile? They're worse than roaches. /cc @HiOhMegan # @makomk I feel you're reading a LOT into @enagoski's post. I also believe rape fantasies can be enacted w/o "violence." It's happened to me. in reply to makomk # @makomk That's a […]

My tweets on 2010-07-15

"With every tech advance we see greater democratization of #culture generally, but certainly sexually explicit expression." # ♺ @KinkOnTap: French approve burqa ban citing "freedom against [humiliation]." Like humiliation of being told how to dress? # ♺ @only_imagined: Sorry if this is #BDSM 102 Q. What's alternative to a "reaction top"? Can't grok […]

My tweets on 2010-07-14

IMPORTANT, easily digestible run-down of opening arguments in #obscenity trial against John #Stagliano /by @amandahess # ♺@CharlieSheena Minute we allow US Govt to tell US what we're allowed to be turned on by is the min we need to stop paying taxes. #obscenity # ♺ @MissAuroraSnow: #Stagliano prosecutor doesn't have much #sex Rattled off […]

My tweets on 2010-07-13

@msnaughty Its author is @dirtylaundry_hd. That's fluff; no info, pure link-bait for #antiporn sites. #Proporn needs more mainstream #media in reply to msnaughty # looks VERY cool. Automated way to make a #safe call. Built by #sex workers, prob useful for everyone. /via @swopusa # "All problems related to #sex can be traced to […]

My tweets on 2010-07-12

More #Wikipedia POV edits by EconProfessor. WP:COI more clear, so I spoke up: See also: # @pledgemistress That's just part 1. Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Information wants to be free. in reply to pledgemistress # @FemWho I think Wikipedians' conduct indicative of overall style. EconProfessor's lack of transparency […]

My tweets on 2010-07-11

@jamesbcarp I read "High-Level, Moral Frames Matter More" as making your point. Lakoff's advice later is to do strategic+KISS communication. in reply to jamesbcarp # @jamesbcarp It was "high-level frames are…systems that define what is 'right'." To me, that reads "unquestioned." KISS=Keep It Simple Stupid in reply to jamesbcarp # ♺ @jamesbcarp Worth remembering Mehserle […]