Philadelphia Considers Free Wi-Fi for All!

Philadelphia has the right idea when it comes to Wi-Fi. According to an article by the Associated Press, Philadelphia is considering a plan which would effectively make its entire 135 square miles one huge Wi-Fi hotspot. The city would either offer this service for free or for a nominal fee much cheaper than the exorbitant […]

Tongue Twisters and Unlucky Lightning Strikes

After quite the ordeal over the last two days, the Web site for Sapphire Group, LLC finally launched today. It marks my first work-for-hire Web site that launches (semi-)publicly. During the process, I found myself scrambling to learn as much as I could about DNS entries across the Internet. Did a lot of reading over […]

The 9 Newest Things in my Life

This new blog design! I struggled with a few very strange IE bugs while trying to create the look of this page, but thankfully Position is Everything was able to help me out with them. A new Chicago Cutlery chef’s knife. The milestone of having my first work-for-hire web site publicly launched. Visiting Burlington, Vermont […]