One Minute Mac Tip: Use the command line to edit the content of your clipboard

Using the pbpaste and pbcopy commands, you can manipulate the contents of the Mac OS X clipboard (or more formally known as the pasteboard) right from the command line. As a brief example, just select the text of this first paragraph, copy it to your clipboard (with -c), and then type pbpaste in a Terminal […] Managing Editor Kurt Cagle sees the future, one that I’ve experienced a decade ago

I subscribe to a number of really great technology newsletters because they interest me. One of these is the weekly newsletter. XML is a technology that has exploded in the last several years, and its specifically an area that I, as a front-end and semantic web specialist, find exceptionally intriguing. Most intriguing today, however, […]

Deleting GMail messages from an iPhone or iPod touch won’t “Archive”

I just paid way too much money for an iPod touch (because I’m a technoslut), and in playing around with the Mail application it comes with ever since Macworld and the “free Software Upgrade”, I noticed a bit of a gotcha while using GMail IMAP accounts. It seems, that despite syncing up with my iMac’s […]

Steven Pinker’s ‘The Stuff of Thought’

This video, which is one of the recent TED Talk videos, is of Steven Pinker’s talk called The Stuff of Thought. This is simply brilliant. So brilliant, in fact, that those who know me well are about to be utterly astounded by what I am going to say: I now understand the value of indirect […]

Wikipedia showcases the value of simple

Simplicity is a challenging goal for virtually every task you (or I) may have. Why is it a goal at all? Successfully reducing the presentation of complicated tasks into simple components is a goal because it is typically a required part for the success of the task. Possibly the best example of this phenomenon in […]

The 10 Geekiest Leopard Features I Will Probably Love

This is already horribly old news, and by old I mean several days ago since that’s about as fast as it takes technology news to grow old, but Apple is releasing Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” at the end of this month. Apple is calling this release a “major upgrade,” and indeed Apple has rarely […]