A Better Expect Subversion Post-Commit Hook

In a previous post I wrote a small expect script to update a remote web server’s deployed code on a new commit to a Subversion repository using Expect and Subversion’s post-commit hooks. That first script was extraordinarily basic, so I’ve been wanting to add some sanity and error checking to it for a while. I […]

Use expect with Subversion’s post-commit hook to automatically update remote servers

In one of my web development projects, it became important to keep the staging web server in sync with the latest code that myself and several other developers were working on. There are a number of ways to mirror files and directories across machines, rsync being one of the most widely known. However, in addition […]

The Importance of Naming Conventions in Collaborative Web Production

It strikes me as very, very interesting how, especially in the world of technology where everything is thought to be so regimented and precise, where a single typo can be the difference between compilation and error, that there is so much versatility in every step of the creative process. This is, of course, a result […]

The ROI of Knowledge Sharing (Part 1)

Successful knowledge sharing increases the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of your organization by enabling your staff to accomplish orders-of-magnitude more than they would otherwise have been able to. This article rant presents my ideas on this subject from the ground up.

Balancing Patience with Results (an update post)

Tomorrow, I begin my first day of official employment with Opsware, Inc., a relatively small company whose focus is various solutions to the challenges of data center automation. This is a very exciting new challenge for me, personally and professionally, and I’m thrilled for the opportunity. Naturally, however, this means my focus will (probably) shift […]

TEDTalks: Inspirational, incredible, and moving ideas

For those not yet familiar with it, TED is an invitation-only annual conference of some of the brightest and most talented individuals in all fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. For the first time (in February 2006), the presentations were recorded and broadcast to the world once per week at the TED.com web site. I’ve […]