We should re-instate that old USENET warning

From the everything-you-say-can-and-will-be-used-against-you department: Computer scientists will almost always be able to de-anonymize “anonymous” data, in this case thanks to movie ratings, Google offers users another way to store personal data, and all of this is old news I’ve been doing this for years, and my solution is pretty simple: no regrets. As an aside, […]

How to configure Apple Mail for the best IMAP GMail experience

Huzzah! Google (finally) updated GMail for free IMAP support. However, their setup instructions for Apple Mail stop short of actually completeing the configuration in a way that makes using GMail’s IMAP service feel seamless. Sure, everything will work fine, but how do you archive a message? The answer is tricky: you have to drag the […]

Why isn’t skill development a primary focus for employers?

There is always a ton of discussion about the business of programming by programmers and project managers alike. Of course, there are always (at least) two sides of this coin: the programmer and the client. For employed developers (such as myself), the client is typically also the employer, and this creates a situation that is […]

I’m ahead of my time (again)

This story of air pollution from leaded fuel sources being linked to violent behavior is eerily similar to the Reapers of Joss Whedon’s Serenity. GMail gets IMAP (finally!). I really am not that all different; I’m just ahead of my time. From the article: “Young people aren’t choosing computer science majors because they take technology […]

The 10 Geekiest Leopard Features I Will Probably Love

This is already horribly old news, and by old I mean several days ago since that’s about as fast as it takes technology news to grow old, but Apple is releasing Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” at the end of this month. Apple is calling this release a “major upgrade,” and indeed Apple has rarely […]