Out-law.com Article on WiderWeb

I’m really not sure if this will help or hurt the state of accessibility on the web. Businesses don’t really understand what accessibility is, and the ease of misunderstanding that this WiderWeb service gives them an accessible page then things are sad indeed. Definitely something interesting to follow, but there is still no substitute for […]

Accessible Web Sites Get More Visitors

If there is still any doubt about why businesses should require that their web pages be accessible, this report from ElectricNewsNet explains how accessible pages can be viewed by more visitors than non-accessible pages. It also brings up a good point about maintaining that accessibility standard after the site has been created. Accessibility is an […]

Windows XP Service Pack 2: Oh no….

Update: I just learned from the Tao of Mac that there is another problem with Windows Service Pack 2: it breaks raw sockets. Well, according to several news sources, Microsoft has released the long-awaited Service Pack 2 to manufacturers. Starting next month, computers will come pre-installed with the software. But in the mean time, I’m […]