How to Make WordPress-generated Pages Outside the WordPress Install Directory

I wanted to use my blog entries, created in WordPress to generate content for pages on my site that were not in my blog. This seemed simple enough, and it is, but without some guidance this can be a really confusing situation. While WordPress supports a pseudo-templating system that can be used to easily customize […]

Random Thoughts and Fibonacci Sequences

I know I promised more writings on bipolar disorder. In a rather fitting and repetitive twist of fate, I was feeling too moody to write about being moody. Instead, in order to keep myself from feeling unproductive, I started learning C programming. After trying the obligatory “hello world” program, I made a simple guess-my-birthday game. […]

Keeping Presentation out of Behavioral JavaScripting

Lately I’ve been working on a personal project of mine, redesigning and revitilizing my website about Bipolar Disorder. It’s still deeply entrenched in the redesign and I’m not even done with the site templates yet, but I was anxious to get some content rolling out quickly so I went ahead with it anyway. Some elements […]