Old BPD Forum Hacked

Due to the fact that the old site’s forums were hacked (darn script kiddies), and all the content was deleted I’m closing that section of the site for now. It just wasn’t active enough to merit staying around anyway, really, and unfortuantely I don’t have a recent backup because (like I said) it hasn’t been […]

Personal Sections Have New Design

…which is not at all even close to being called “done.” But, I went over to my father’s studio today and he gave me his design ideas. He spoke, I coded, and a couple hours later we got this. He’s still somewhat in awe of the awesome power CSS has to instantly, easily, and globally […]

Okay then, new integrated back end!

Well, last night I said it was stupid to keep running one domain as if it were two sites. So, though I’ll keep the front-end of this site separated so as not to mix business with pleasure (too much), I’ve decided to integrate the whole thingamabobber into a single actual blog/database/backend/etc. That should keep things […]