My 2009 essay kinda-sorta about an Anarchist “Internet of Things”

I wrote an essay in 2009 about the Internet of Things, before people were calling it “the Internet of Things.” When I re-read it this afternoon, in 2017, I noticed something rather queer. It wasn’t actually about the Internet of Things at all. It was actually a personal manifesto advocating Anarchism, and condemning techno-capitalist fascism. […]

How web designers can do their own HTML/CSS: Read Foundation Website Creation

Last month, 37signals published a short but sweet post about why web designers should do the HTML/CSS implementations for their own designs. The bottom line is, as we’ve all been saying for a long time now, that the Web is not the same kind of medium as other mediums like print. It is a fundamentally […]

Targetting Relevance in Long Web Pages with the CSS :target Pseudo-Class

Context and relevance are sometimes lost when linking to pages on the web. Basic HTML and good hypertext copywriting habits (like using title attributes) can help, but not always enough. Here’s a totally new method (I think) to embed what I call relevancy messages into the destination page of a site.