A web developer’s introduction to the Apple WikiServer (part 1)

I absolutely love wikis, so when Apple introduced Mac OS X Server 10.5 “Leopard,” one of the new features I was really excited about was “WikiServer” (what the Apple marketing department calls “Teams”). I’m calling this specifically the Apple WikiServer in order to avoid confusion with the pre-existing wiki plus web server package called WikiServer. Apple […]

No-Framework Ruby on the Web using eRuby on Mac OS X

I have a suspicion that there are a lot of web developers out there who, like me, are eager to start learning more about Ruby but who are stunted by the incredible amount of unfamiliar conventions that are used in Rails. For many of us, our first introduction to Ruby was (or is) through Rails […]

Window and Element Resizing Annoyances in Internet Explorer

This has been an interesting day. In less than 8 hours, I’ve had to tackle the following IE nuisances: document.body vs. document.documentElement In IE 6, in order to access the current width of the window in JavaScript you need to get document.body.clientWidth only if you’re in quirks mode. If you’re in standards mode, this property […]

The Importance of Naming Conventions in Collaborative Web Production

It strikes me as very, very interesting how, especially in the world of technology where everything is thought to be so regimented and precise, where a single typo can be the difference between compilation and error, that there is so much versatility in every step of the creative process. This is, of course, a result […]

TEDTalks: Inspirational, incredible, and moving ideas

For those not yet familiar with it, TED is an invitation-only annual conference of some of the brightest and most talented individuals in all fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. For the first time (in February 2006), the presentations were recorded and broadcast to the world once per week at the TED.com web site. I’ve […]

New Amazon Guide: So You’d Like To Become a Front-End Web Design Guru

I’ve made what I think is a rather nice Amazon Guide. Laugh if you must, but I wanted to see what creating one would be like. Naturally, I decided to write a brief guide to becoming a front-end web design guru.