RSS popularity hitting the mainstream?

Ever since I discovered RSS I’ve been hooked on it. More specifically, I unsubscribed from all (read: most) of my email newsletter alerts and subscribed instead to their XML counterparts.

RSS is a type of XML used for providing quick ‘n dirty descriptions for “news” which is defined in practice (though, not in theory) as anything about a web site that changes. This makes RSS ideally suited for blogs, as well as news sites — obviously. In addition to RSS, there is Atom which is basically the same thing in a different format and what I use to syndicate this blog. T’is still XML though.

Anyway, while perusing my 168 new articles I found the following of special note: :: NHL. Apparently, has added newsfeeds to its site and syndicating them with the major feed directories like NewsIsFree.

This is interesting to me because I couldn’t possibly imagine an NHL or boxing fan to get their sports news of a news agreggator. But maybe their out there. Or rather, perhaps this is a case of “build it and they will come.”

Further proof that RSS is indeed growing massively popular.

More Reasons to Use Firefox

I’ve been trying to get Danica to switch from using Internet Explorer for browsing the web over to Firefox. Nothing really seemed to make any difference. Tabbed browsing was nice but not impressive. Better support for CSS means nothing except to web designers. The google search bar wasn’t getting much attention. But now that I’ve added the IMDB search plugin to the searchbar, things are beginning to change.

Thank you, searchbar.