Bring Your Own Content (BYOC) is a virtual appliance containing a blogging toolkit that provides a unified dashboard for creating and managing content on multiple Web hosting services simultaneously. The BYOC toolkit obviates the need for backing up your blog by creating content locally and then sending it to one or more Web servers or publishing platforms, rather than creating that content on a Web server or remote service and then pulling copies back to your computer.

This appliance is based on the setup described on LifeHacker here.

Installing BYOC on your computer

The easiest way to install the Bring Your Own Content virtual appliance is through Vagrant and VirtualBox.

  1. Download and install VirtualBox for your platform, first.
  2. Download and install Vagrant next.
  3. From a command line, type:
    vagrant init meitar/byoc; vagrant up --provider virtualbox

You should be greeted with a message that reads:

Visit http://localhost:8080/wordpress in your browser to begin using Bring Your Own Content!

This means the BYOC installation was successful, so visit that address in your Web browser and enjoy blogging!

For a detailed explanation of what’s happening behind-the-scenes, as well as instructions for manually installing and configuring BYOC, see this post.

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