HowTo: Make an archival copy of every page, image, video, and audio file on an entire website using wget

I recently announced that my blog archives will no longer be publicly available for long: Let me repeat that: while I am still “on Tumblr” and so on for now, my archives will not remain available for very long. If you find something of mine useful, you will need to make a copy of it […]

Keep a running backup of your Tumblr reblogs with Tumblr Crosspostr

I’ve just released a new major feature for Tumblr Crosspostr: “Sync posts from Tumblr.” Version 0.7 Feature: “Sync posts from Tumblr” will import posts you create on your Tumblr blog(s) into your WordPress blog, along with their metadata such as tags, post types/formats, and content sources. This is useful for creating an automatic backup of […]