BYOC: Your Blog, Your Way

For bloggers who really want to own their own content, Bring Your Own Content (BYOC) is a free toolkit for creating and managing content on one or more free web hosting providers simultaneously using a single, familiar dashboard. You might have read about BYOC on LifeHacker some time ago. This is the first reproducible […]

Diasposter is a WordPress-to-Diaspora crossposting plugin that looks so natural no one knows that you aren’t just posting from D*

I’ve written a new WordPress plugin called Diasposter that has some additional features which go beyond most other WordPress-to-Diaspora crossposting plugins. With Diasposter, you can: choose an aspect to share with, retract (remove) posts from Diaspora when they are deleted from your WordPress blog completely customize or omit the footer of your Diaspora post crosspost […]