“To Fix School, Make It Consensual,” which is to say, abolish school

Long commentary on this news item is long, but worthwhile. privileged-person: socialjusticevegan: gincoffee: socialjusticevegan: After that lesson, I thought back to my entire K-12 schooling experience. Despite the number of kind-hearted and well-intentioned people who played a part in it, how many ever asked for my consent? How many asked me (and seriously engaged me […]

The real reason people are starving is because we think they deserve to.

My friend Ethan made an amazingly awesome online food map and I got quoted in this article about it: Considered an anti-consumerism movement, dumpster diving, bin raiding or “skipping” as it’s known in England, where dumpsters are called skips, is said to have its originated with the Diggers, a group of 1960s artists and activists […]

“we artificially withhold food from them in order to motivate them to work”

Yes, there’s hungry people in the world, and there’s hungry people in America. It’s not for lack of food. We throw away half the food we produce. We throw away stuff that doesn’t look good enough to sit on the shelf. It just gets tossed. There’s no shortage of food. People who are hungry, they’re […]

The food you eat has become a weapon of class antagonism

Revolutions and the price of bread: 1848 and now (via @KemoKid): In the graph above the little blue crosses indicate the price of wheat in certain countries that have experienced social unrest this year. The further to the top right the cross is, the higher the medium and short term price hike the country has suffered: […]