How To Use Git-SVN as the Only Subversion Client You’ll Need

I’ve been using git as my favorite version control tool for quite a while now. One of its numerous distinguishing features is an optional component called git-svn, which serves as a bi-directional “bridge” that enables native git repositories to interact with a Subversion repository, performing all the normal operations you would need to use svn […]

Git Fundamentals in 30 Minutes or Less

I did a brief talk on Git at SyPy recently. I had a great time learning about the differences between Git, Bazaar, Mercurial, and even some other tools like BitKeeper that got mentioned and were before my time. Both my co-presenter, Alistair (who I sadly have no personal web address for!), and Martin Pool had […]

Are you missing the point of using a version control tool?

The other day I gave a brief (and overly-hyper) talk about git, the (very) dumb, (very) fast version control system. It was part of SyPy‘s Git vs. Hg vs. Bzr night. Rather than be flamingly competitive, however, I had a lot of fun that night learning about the differences between the DSCM tools, which was […]

How to use HTTP Basic Authentication with git

Coming right on the heels of my need to set up a git repository on shared hosts, I next wanted to see if I could use HTTP authentication for such a repository. Of course, HTTP authentication is an extremely insecure protocol, but it typically is enough to dissuade the casual user (such as Googlebot) from […]

How to import CVS code repositories into Git using `git cvsimport`

This should be straightforward, but it’s not. To import (not track, but just import) code from a remote CVS repository to a local git repository, you need to do the following: Be certain you have the git-core package installed on your system and that this package includes the git-cvsimport command. You can run git help […]

HowTo: Use git for personal development when everyone else is using Subversion (part 2)

When we left off, you had just finished transforming a remote Subversion repository into a git repository and optimizing it to save you some space. Now that you have a git repository, what do you do? First things first. Once you have an idea of what work you want to do, you should give yourself […]

HowTo: Use git for personal development when everyone else is using Subversion (part 1)

Let’s just jump into it. Using Mac OS X, first make sure you have the git core installed as well as the git-svn components. Unlike other version control systems, git is not one monolithic program but a collection of smaller utilities, and the Subversion conduits are a subset of these utilities. The git-Subversion utilities themselves […]