Just say OXI to capitalists: How to understand what’s happening in Greece and why it’s a big fucking deal

Gotta admit, I haven’t been as excited about the result of a vote, of all things, as I am about the Greek referendum rejecting continued austerity through forced imperialist-capitalism. Here’s a brief roundup of articles explaining the situation that I liked, along with my own commentary sprinkled in for good measure. Let’s start with an […]

“Bitcoin can’t lead on its own to a disintermediated society,” and other uncomfortable truths about BitCoin

We live in an epoch of techno-utopianism with a strong drive for techno-cracy. The former means that many believe that technology alone determines certain outcomes, while the latter believes it is a good thing that flawed human processes are replaced by ‘clean’ technological processes. Both attitudes are very dangerous. First, distributed technologies do not necessarily […]

Almost every problem that can be solved with money can be solved better by building a relationship. And that’s win/win because, in the end, if you solve the problem with money, then you end up with a solved problem and fewer resources (less money). But if you solve it by building a relationship, then what […]

Thank you, Universe.

So I’m driving a lot these days, hopping from one community seed library to another, helping them use the WP-SeedBank software I wrote. (I’ve visited three, in three different US States, in the past week!) This means I have a car. This means I have to pay for (cheap) car insurance. And gas. And this […]