Dear friends, please help. I am asking you for help.

Yesterday I posted Professor Kevin Westhues’ “Checklist of Mobbing Indicators,” and, as if by clockwork today I was mobbed on Twitter in a thread that matched 13 of the 16 indicators, point for point. I’ve been the target of what Westhues describes as mobbing, which is evidently a sociological term that sometimes also goes by […]

When [Social Justice] people talk about privilege, the thing they’re intentionally overlooking is that said nicer treatment [imparted by one’s privilege] is contingent on supporting the status quo. It’s not something you irrevocably have because you’re male, white, straight, or whatever. It’s something you only have as long as you’re letting society tell you what […]

Go home Social Justice Warrior, you’re drunk.

I literally LOL’ed at the Social Justice Warrior blog and Tumblr insult generator. I realize it was probably created by, well, oppressive heterosexist dudebros, if only because most people are oppressive and heterosexist and more of the ones who develop programs like this tend to be dudebros. Still, I can’t help but thinking: the obscene […]