Computer People for Peace: Interrupt 14

1984 is here … 13 years early…. The following call has been issued to peace activist groups. In addition we urge all computer people to join us in Atlantic City in May. Computers are increasingly being used as a means of oppression. They are at the heart of every military and police system. They are […]

You’re probably a non-racist and a non-rapist, but that’s a pathetically low standard that should be beneath you.

So, I have a question for you: are you you non-, or are you anti-? Several months ago in response to Ferguson, Baltimore, the killings of Freddie Gray and Tamir Rice my friend Kaitlyn put up a Facebook post breaking down the difference between non-racism and anti-racism. Most of are non-racist. Because racism is looked […]

Paraphrased: A conversation about justice and other important things

One of the things I really like about Facebook is that it provides a sort of cyberspace town square where people can, and often do, voice contentious opinions without worrying (too much) about other people’s feelings. (Of course, Diaspora is better.) I think of it a bit like Online Road Rage, where the medium itself […]

“Some people are good in the world,” she wrote to me in the bland, blocky text of my instant messenger window, “even people doing jobs that are super problematic! And! It’s always been true!” I’d just returned from another series of Quantum Leap-like adventures. In my excitement, I briefly shared the story of introducing a […]