Quick Hit Remix: 3 Reasons Why Rape Fans from Both Sides of the Fence Hate “Consent as a Felt Sense”

Both feminists and anti-feminists routinely make 3 arguments against changing cultural understandings of consent towards a “Consent-as-Felt” and away from a “Consent-as-Permission” model. The first is that understanding consent as “being okay with an experience one is having or has had” rather than as “expressing permission to do a thing” is incompatible with the legal […]

Shall. We. Play. A. Game? Predator Alert Tool as a game theoretic simulation of countermeasures to rape culture

In “Strategies Without Frontiers,” one of this week’s BSides LV information/security conference talks, software engineer and co-originator of the language-theoretic approach to computer security Meredith L. Patterson used Predator Alert Tool as an example of “an organic response against predatory [societal] games.” Or, in simpler words, Predator Alert Tool was cited as an example of […]

Predator Alert Tools for OkCupid, Facebook, and Twitter featured by LifeHacker.com

The Predator Alert Tool for OkCupid was featured on LifeHacker’s “After Hours” sex and dating themed site: Predator Alert is a userscript, which means you’ll first need to install Tampermonkey for Chrome, or Greasemonnkey for Firefox, and then install Predator Alert. Once installed, the add-on will prompt you to log in to your profile, and […]

Tumblr censors you to protect rapists.

Comparisons are useful for the differences they highlight. So, first, here is a showcase of two different interactions with Tumblr support. Then, a short story about men with cameras. Two email exchanges. A story about men with cameras. Ready? First email exchange. Some months ago, I received an email from a follower of mine on […]

Predator Alert Tool conversation at Coder Day of Service

A few months ago, a Predator Alert Tool co-creator and I got to speak with participants at a hackathon for social good. They were inspired by the Predator Alert Tool suite and wanted to build something on it, or similar to it. Mostly, they wanted to get up to speed with background information as quickly […]

This machine stops rapists. But to work, you have to actually use it.

The Predator Alert Tool for Facebook helps survivors of sexual violence connect with other survivors in their social networks and start conversations with friends about consent. Up to 85% of rapes are committed by someone the survivor already knows. And nearly 70% of American adults use Facebook. This means it’s likely that a survivor of […]