How To Use Git-SVN as the Only Subversion Client You’ll Need

I’ve been using git as my favorite version control tool for quite a while now. One of its numerous distinguishing features is an optional component called git-svn, which serves as a bi-directional “bridge” that enables native git repositories to interact with a Subversion repository, performing all the normal operations you would need to use svn […]

Are you missing the point of using a version control tool?

The other day I gave a brief (and overly-hyper) talk about git, the (very) dumb, (very) fast version control system. It was part of SyPy‘s Git vs. Hg vs. Bzr night. Rather than be flamingly competitive, however, I had a lot of fun that night learning about the differences between the DSCM tools, which was […]

Fix Subversion “checksum mismatch” error by editing .svn/entries file

I can’t explain why this happened because in my several-year-long history with Subversion, I’ve never experienced this issue once. However, today, I fell into the (arguably) unfortunate circumstance of running into a most disturbing error from SVN. When trying to commit my changes, SVN barfed at me and complained of a “checksum mismatch”. It looked […]

Quick ‘N’ Dirty Drupal Module SVN Tagging Script

In a (rather beastly) project at work today, I found myself needing to import a significant number of contributed Drupal modules into Subversion vendor branches to prepare for custom development. To do so manually would have been quite the hassle, so after downloading the appropriate tarballs and creating a module_name/current directory under my vendor/drupal/modules vendor […]

A Better Expect Subversion Post-Commit Hook

In a previous post I wrote a small expect script to update a remote web server’s deployed code on a new commit to a Subversion repository using Expect and Subversion’s post-commit hooks. That first script was extraordinarily basic, so I’ve been wanting to add some sanity and error checking to it for a while. I […]

Use expect with Subversion’s post-commit hook to automatically update remote servers

In one of my web development projects, it became important to keep the staging web server in sync with the latest code that myself and several other developers were working on. There are a number of ways to mirror files and directories across machines, rsync being one of the most widely known. However, in addition […]