BYOC: Your Blog, Your Way

For bloggers who really want to own their own content, Bring Your Own Content (BYOC) is a free toolkit for creating and managing content on one or more free web hosting providers simultaneously using a single, familiar dashboard. You might have read about BYOC on LifeHacker some time ago. This is the first reproducible […]

A case study in cyberbullying using Tumblr’s broken “Report Abuse” feature

Earlier this week, I wrote “Tumblr is not a safe place for me,” in which I make the claim that the “report abuse” feature on corporate-controlled social networks fundamentally empowers cyberbullies, not their targets. (Here’s an archived copy in case it gets taken down.) Predictably, I just received a vaguely threatening email from Tumblr Support […]

Tumblr censors you to protect rapists.

Comparisons are useful for the differences they highlight. So, first, here is a showcase of two different interactions with Tumblr support. Then, a short story about men with cameras. Two email exchanges. A story about men with cameras. Ready? First email exchange. Some months ago, I received an email from a follower of mine on […]

Political think tank migrates off Tumblr to WordPress using Tumblr Crosspostr

[T]hanks to the fabulous Tumblr Crosspostr plugin developed by Meitar Moscovitz, we’re still publishing In Brief to Tumblr, so as not to leave any of our Tumblr followers behind! In Brief on Tumblr is now basically just a mirror that will automatically update whenever we publish a new item with WordPress. This migration was in […]

Keep a running backup of your Tumblr reblogs with Tumblr Crosspostr

I’ve just released a new major feature for Tumblr Crosspostr: “Sync posts from Tumblr.” Version 0.7 Feature: “Sync posts from Tumblr” will import posts you create on your Tumblr blog(s) into your WordPress blog, along with their metadata such as tags, post types/formats, and content sources. This is useful for creating an automatic backup of […]

If you miss Tumblrize, Tumblr Crosspostr is for you.

Remember Tumblrize? If you’re looking for a WordPress to Tumblr crossposter, the new Tumblr Crosspostr WordPress plugin is for you: Tumblr Crosspostr posts to Tumblr whenever you hit the “Publish” (or “Save Draft”) button. It uses Tumblr’s simple API to keep posts in sync; when you edit your WordPress post, it updates your Tumblr post. […]

Never see Tumblr’s new “Web in-stream” ads on your dash ever again, in 3 easy steps

(This post was originally published on my Tumblr blog. If you’re on Tumblr, please reblog it to let people know AdBlock Plus exists and works.) So, Yahoo bought Tumblr and the reason they spent $1.1 billion on it was because they think they can buy our time and attention. Tumblr sold us to Yahoo using […]