Locations where I’m censored

The following is a copy of the “Locations where I’m censored” page from my other website, maybemaimed.com. It’s cross-posted here as having an available copy of this list is useful when the other page is inaccessible from the locations listed below.

As Internet filtering technology improves, so does the debate over its use and misuse. My blog is obviously sexually explicit, so I don’t begrudge intentional choices people make to restrict access to it on their own networks. However, I do feel it’s important (and useful) to point out where my work is censored.

I encourage everyone who keeps a blog to maintain a list of locations, companies, governments, and other institutions who censor them. Knowledge is power. Share, and empower others. (About circumventing censors.)

Governments or public facilities that censor this blog

Companies that censor this blog

Circumvention Tools

If you’re suffering under censors, try these tools to circumvent their efforts:

The Censorship Wiki on Wikia also has a list of some well-regarded tools. PeaceFire is another good resource.

Add to this list

Did you try to access my blog but found it censored? Please leave a comment to let me know, so I can add the people responsible for blocking your free access to the Internet to this list.