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Bipolar Disorder

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AboutOurKids.org A wonderful resource for parents about all kinds of parenting and mental health issues listing disorders, symptoms, and help centers.
Mental Health Matters This site hosts a wealth of detailed information and resources for consumers, professionals, students and supporters. Get educated, get involved, and even get help all right here!
DepressionRemedy.com Information on depression, depression symptoms, types and research on natural and herbal remedies.
MentalHealth.com A web site so vast in its coverage I simply had to include it. This is a great place to start learning about and gathering information about any mental health issue.
Jane's Mental Health Source Page Much more than just a personal page, this website delivers content that is both useful and inspiring.
Pendulum Resources Information about manic-depression & bipolar disorders. The site contains articles, writings, humor and links. One of the web's oldest sites on bipolar disorder.
The Winds of Change Frank and personal look at living with bipolar disorder. Lots of links. Clear and very informative--a must visit site!
Because Depression is an Illness Both informative, and inspiring, this page has many links to sites devoted to mental disorders as well as to support groups nationwide.
The Mercurial Mind This is an extraordinary page which both discusses the personal side of Bipolar Disorder, and gives many, many links to more useful resources on the net. It is brutally honest, and extremely revealing. I very highly recommend this site to anyone who seeks an insider's look at the Bipolar experience!
Depression Central The depression information site. It has way more information on about every kind of imaginable depression I'd ever like to try and think of
About.com - bipolar disorder A comprehensive collection of net resources under the umbrella of a commercial site. Very well organized and easy to search.
The Bipolar Planet A page dedicated to the self-exploration of the bipolar disorder.
Bipolar NOT Bonkers A site dedicated to those living with bipolar illness. This is a wonderfully compassionate website, which shares the author's personal struggles. A great reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel!
HealthyPlace.com HealthyPlace.com is a collection of online communities. Organized by topic (ranging from addictions, to eating disorders, to sex and sexuality), this is a well presented and informative site. It is one of the most supportive sites I have found. Be sure to visit each community's "Community Wall."
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry This organization provides important information on clinical research and mental health policies nationwide. Also provides reigonal organizations' information. English and Spanish!
NoStigma.org A small but growing collection of news articles, submitted stories and other clippings all part of the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign. This campaign debunks false myths about mental illness, and effectively provides hope for struggling youth and adult alike.
bipolarodyssey.com Offering a relatively new perspective, this site focuses on the nutritional supplements that have emerged and seem to help those afflicted with bipolar disorder.
This part of Meetup.com is dedicated to Bipolar Disorder. Not exactly informational, Meetup's main purpose is to help people organize real-life meetings centered around specific agendas. I am a member of this site, and I think you might want to be one too.
Bipolar Disorder - Ups and Downs