There's debate on which medication is most effective on bipolar patients, as each individual's response to medication for bipolar is different. The most commonly known and used medication is lithium. I take that, and depakote. I also used to take zyprexa, but I stopped a while back.
All the medications taste horrible. Really horrible. Not the, "I don't like the way that tastes" horrible...the "Oh my gosh, I need to gag" horrible. But then again, these medications weren't designed to be dissolved in liquid, or have the sprinkles taken out of the capsules--but I have to do that. I can't take pills. And it's really hell, every day. It took me about a week to find the most painless method of how to take these pills. The zyprexa and depakote weren't so hard, but the lithium gave me a lot of trouble. I was thinking about cutting the tablets, then maybe taking them. But I still couldn't because once I cut them the taste would be released...and BY GOD! If you don't drink something after you take a taste of that lithium then you'll be floored instantly. Happened to me once. So that wouldn't work. Then I tried holding it on a spoon which was held over a glass of a carbonated liquid, like Coke. However, when it dissolved it would spread into the coke and then I had to drink all that nasty tasting stuff up. That was no good either.

Finally, one of my friends suggested something. I tried it, and it was better, though not perfect. I would cut the tablets of lithium into quarters (the smallest they could really be cut into). Then, I would put them all in a cup.

Then, I would pour Coke to a level no higher than needed in order to completely submerge the tablets (by the way, the smaller the area of the bottom of the cup is, the better the result). Any higher and I would have to drink extra. So, I would wait for the pills to dissolve. This depends on how carbonated the Coke is. I don't understand exactly why, but the bubblier the Coke, the faster the pills seem to dissolve. :) Is there a chemist out there who wouldn't mind explaining this to me?

Either way, the next thing I need is a glass of an acidic substance...like orange or grapefruit juice. I prefer grapefruit juice but it really doesn't matter. Then, after the lithium is totally dissolved I QUICKLY gulp all the Coke I can fit in my mouth down, and immediately take a long drink from the other glass of grapefruit juice. Phew...that was hard. Then, if there's anything left, I finish it up with another gulp. Ugh...it tastes horrible. But that's it! I'm done! It's such a feeling of relief when I take the medications...I get this feeling like I have just been released from a prison...a prison that I must return to in twenty four hours....

Bipolar Disorder - Ups and Downs