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Bipolar disorder

Also known as the manic-depressive disorder, is a hereditary, genetic disorder most commonly generalized by mood swings. Someone who is manic-depressive, or bipolar, usually has extreme feelings of euphoric mania followed, inevitably, by down periods of depression and sadness. These cycles of opposing feelings follow a set pattern, which differs depending on the individual and the "type" of bipolar illness he or she has.

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You can expect to see several new things here. The first is Web Chatrooms compliments of my new hosts, LiquidWeb.com. This is a real-time extension of the message board and is intended to be a place where visitors can seek support, references, information, or just share experiences. These chatrooms are NOT MODERATED so please be aware while chatting and DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION.

Furthermore, the message board is undergoing a massive restructuring. It is now featuring phpBB2.0.

This means it not only allows you to converse with one another through various different means, such as private messages and emails, but also features full-fledged graphics and style preferences. :) Unlike the chatrooms, the board is being moderated, but I urge you not to give out personal information there either. Except for "Public Chat," the message boards require a fast, free user-registration process. Once registered you may join groups, upload avatars, send private messages to other users and more!

I'm also aware this is pretty superficial stuff. Nice, but it's icing -- not the cake. With that in mind, I continue to live and learn and never forget about this site.


The Bipolar Experience is Individual and Different for Each and Every Person
I am not a medical professional...
...nor do I pretend to be one on the internet. This site is mainly devoted to the emotional effects of bipolar disorder. I started this page hoping to help myself through a particularly rough year—7th grade. Since then, I have found it has helped not only myself, but others as well. So it is for that reason which I try my best to continually update and improve the site. I hope you can find whatever it is you're looking for here, be it information, comfort, or security in the simple fact that no one needs to be alone!
First, a little about me.
:) I'm now 18 years old, living in New York City with my mother and slightly younger brother. Our father, who also lives in the city, has remarried and had another son. My father's mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was hospitalized often. More about my life and manic-depression is written in the "My Story" section of the site. The "About Me" section is more like my personal homepage, sometimes dealing with topics that are not directly related to my disorder. Also, a growing set of links to other Bipolar Disorder websites can be found in the links section.
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