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In many different places on my web site I have repeatedly stressed that writing can sometimes be extremely helpful during moments of rage, depression, mania, and indeed any other overpowering emotion. For me and countless others wrting is a sort of release.
My Would-Be Novel:
The Lithus and Kaldra Stories
By Meitar
This was my very first attempt at writing anything that was supposed to be very long. Oh, wait, actually it was my second, but this turned out longer than the first try. Something that I was able to figure out about myself, which was inspired by another great web site (The Mercurial Mind), is that when I'm manic, I sometimes start writing things that I never finish. Well, this is one example of a mania-induced writing period.
X-Sim Summer 1998 Draft
By Meitar
This was also mania-induced. It's based on characters and situations from a Sim (online game) I used to play with a couple of my friends. We stopped playing, but I like to continue writing it as a story line.
Character Bio: Tesir
By Meitar
Another Sim-creation, this is the character which I use to play in a sim called Chu'unthor II with a couple of my friends. There are striking similarities between this character and my own personal life, and have therefore posted the bio up on this site.
Free Typing Entries
By Meitar
These are the three "Log Entries" which I wrote in a free typing style. They are probably the most true sense I can give you of how I feel sometimes, and so these short pieces of text are diamonds in the rough.
By Meitar
While listening to some relaxing music, I wrote this. I had been feeling quite restless and was unable to go to bed. Though I ended up staying up quite late that night anyway, I was able to relax after writing this.
By Meitar
This is another visual piece, with no real plot. When I wrote this, there is really only one way to describe my mood: grand! This was my ultimate fantasy: finally having control.
Mixed-Emotion Free Type
By Kristie
Described simply as "melancholy," this young writer sent me a short free-type she saved one day when she said she, "certainly felt shitty about myself at the time."
Free Typing Cathartic Purgation
By Kristie
Written purley for expression.

Bipolar Disorder - Ups and Downs